Cyber Monday Facebook Analysis

We monitored 10 successful brands on Cyber Monday to see how they used Facebook to drive business and engagement. We also did the same for Black Friday—check out the analysis here.

The Cyber Monday Pod was made up of the following Pages:

  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Best Buy
  • Engadget
  • Office Depot
  • Target
  • Toys “R” Us
  • Walmart

The Cyber Monday Pod consisted of 72 million fans. Walmart and Target accounted for over half of the total fans at 46 million fans. 50% of the Pages posted between two to three times on Cyber Monday, while 40% posted more than three times during the day (Barnes & Noble only posted once on Cyber Monday).

For these Pages, they were able to drive 87k Likes, 7k Comments, and 3k Shares with a total of 66 Posts.

Who Won Cyber Monday on Facebook?

We’d like to congratulate Toys “R” Us “Best Cyber Monday Facebook Campaign 2012″! Toys “R” Us had two of the top three Posts for the brands monitored. Toys “R” Us was able to drive 14k Engagement per post with only 3M Fans! To give perspective, #2 Target was driving 9k Engagement with over 20M Fans.

How Did Toys “R” Us Do It?

Aside from content that resonated with their audience, Toys “R” Us leveraged custom graphics to create a clear call to action. We took a look at their performance over the month of November to see how they typically fared. For the month of November Toys “R” Us averaged 8k Likes, 428 Comments, and 559 Shares per post. On Cyber Monday, Toys “R” Us averaged 14k Likes, 583 Comments, and 615 Shares per post or +75% Likes, +36% Comments, and +10% Shares for a +69% in Engagement.

Toys “R” Us posted only twice during the day, but the posts were highly effective. Each post had a custom graphic and a call to action. The first post was at 11AM (CT) and the second post was at 5pm (CT). Toys “R” Us also posted a link in the description of the photos they posted to take advantage of posting visual content, while still driving traffic via the link.

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